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Aspen's strategically relevant manufacturing capital is widely accredited and compliant, supplying high quality medicines at affordable prices, supporting improvements in the quality of health of patients in more than 150 countries. Our ability to improve and sustain a cost competitive manufacturing base which is flexible and scalable to demand, is a key strength for our own products and the contract manufacturing services we provide.

2018 (CER)
API4 5534 881(7)
FDF1 235 1 621(24)
Total5 7886 502 (11)
Gross profit percentage26,7%32,5%

% of total group revenue


12% EM revenue contribution

88% DM revenue contribution


EM – Emerging markets

DM – Developed markets


Manufacturing revenue declined 11% to R5,8 billion. The reasons for the R714 million decline are as follows:


API revenues account for 79% of the revenues delivered from the Manufacturing segment. Revenue declined 7% to R4,6 billion, mainly due to the suspension of heparin API sales as Aspen took the decision to stock build heparin in anticipation of global shortages.


FDF revenue accounted for the remaining 21% of revenues from the Manufacturing segment and declined 24% to R1,2 billion, negatively impacted due to the loss of a tender by a material contract manufacturing customer, Gilead and prolonged strike action at our Port Elizabeth site.


Continuous investment in our world-class manufacturing facilities, including strategic capital expenditure allowing us to bring the manufacturing of our Anaesthetics Brands in-house, upgrades and increased capacity, are key to ensuring ongoing compliance with GMP and our ability to supply quality products to our contract clients to meet the needs of patients. A stabilisation of revenue from this segment is expected for the coming financial year.

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