Aspen China was incorporated as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in July 2015 but has not been a significant contributor to the Group performance prior to the 2017 financial year. China is set to become a material contributor to Group revenue with a product range comprising the recently acquired thrombosis and anaesthetic brands as well as some smaller global brands.

Contribution to Group revenue


Revenue contribution - by therapeutic category

  • China made up 37% of the total Asian pharmaceutical sector with an estimated value of USD80 billion as at 30 December 2016.
  • Over the same period, the China pharmaceutical sector grew 7,9% in local currency, mostly driven by the 8,4% growth in prescription medication usage in hospitals.

Source: June 2017 IMS


Number of products launched:


(2016: n/a)

Number of product recalls:


(2016: n/a)

Number of work-related fatalities:


(2016: n/a)

Number of permanent employees:


Revenue – R’billion20172016 (CER)*% change
Total 1,8>100
Anaesthetics 1,5>100
Thrombosis 0,3>100

* Constant exchange rate: FY16 restated at FY17 average exchange rates. Note: Commercial Pharmaceuticals revenue by customer geography and manufacturing revenue by place of manufacture.