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2016年6月9日,爱施健 (“Aspen”) 正式进入中国,总部设于广州,同时在上海和北京设有分支机构。我们拥有600多名员工,产品覆盖麻醉、肿瘤、心血管、免疫性疾病以及女性健康等领域。


爱施健以专业的学术推广、创新的解决方案、先进的管理方式 ,占据并巩固爱施健在中国医药市场的地位。


未来,爱施健将继续利用强大的品牌资源,更加专注于高品质的产品组合,歇诚服务于中国患者。关注健康,以爱施健!(Healthcare. We Care!)





中国广东省广州市珠江西路10号高德置地广场C座21层, 邮编510623.

联系电话:+86 20- 8114 9900

On 9 June 2016, Aspen extended its footprint into China and established offices in that country. With the headquarter located in Guangzhou and branches in Shanghai and Beijing, Aspen China has more than 600 employees and products covering the anesthesia, cancer, cardiovascular, immune diseases and women's health portfolios.

Aspen China strengthens its position in the Chinese pharmaceutical market through professional academic promotion, innovative solutions and advanced management systems and protocols.

Aspen China continues to maximise resources aligned to its brand, and ensure continued focus on providing a high quality product portfolio for patients in China thereby demonstrating the Group’s commitment to Healthcare, We Care!

For further assistance, please click here to send an email or contact us as follows:

Aspen China Company Limited
Unit 2101, Tower C, GT Land Plaza,
No.10 Zhujiangxi Road, Tianhe District,
Guangzhou, Post Code 510623, China

Phone number: +86-20 8114 9900

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