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Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform to be released on 4 March 2024.

Contact Us

Thank you for making contact with the Aspen Group.

Whether you’re a customer, an investor, a healthcare professional, a journalist or a job seeker, you can find the best way to contact us below.

Please note, we cannot respond to questions about general medical information or questions regarding your personal medical condition. If you have questions about a specific medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional.


If you are looking for contacts within a specific country or market, you can search for specific contacts through our worldwide contact information.

Report a possible side effect
At Aspen we take the safety of our patients and consumers very seriously. We know that side effects can happen but it is not always possible to predict who will get them. For this reason, it is vital for us to continuously monitor the safety of our products. By hearing about your experiences and others like you we are able to offer the best possible advice to those using Aspen’s products. How to report a possible side effect? To help us process your information quickly and effectively, please remember to report as much relevant information as possible. At a minimum you will need to provide the following:
  • The initials of the person who experienced the possible side effect and/or other identifiers, such as gender, date of birth.
  • The contact information of the reporter, namely the person who is reporting the issue.
  • A description of the possible side effect itself, such as the signs and symptoms experienced, date the possible side effect started and the result of the possible side effect.
  • The name of the Aspen product involved.
For contact details and to report a possible side effect, please select your home region from the list below.
Country or Territory
Contact Number
Aspen Philippines
63 27928026
Aspen Malaysia
03 7733 9795
Aspen Taiwan
886 227303077
Aspen Mexico
1800 002 7736 (01800 00 ASPEN)
1800 849 6530 (Pharma)
1800 465 123 (Nutritionals)
Aspen Colombia
1800 518 4007
Aspen Ecuador
1800 277 365
Aspen Chile
0800 260 799 / desde celular 29447479
Aspen Venezuela
0800 277 3683
Aspen CariCam
844 277 4226
Aspen Brazil
0800 026 2395
Aspen South Africa
Medical hotline: 0800 118 088.
If the number above is not working, you can call the switchboard number 011 239 6100.
Note that the switchboard number is only available business hours, Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:30.
Aspen Canada
1 (844) 330-1213
Aspen Australia
1300 659 646 ­(Option 1)
Aspen MENA
Aspen Japan
All other enquiries
Tip-Offs Anonymous Hotline

Aspen endeavours to promote a culture of openness and transparency throughout the Group. Employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to report unethical conduct and any transgressions of which they become aware.


An independently monitored whistleblowing hotline, Deloitte’s Tip-offs Anonymous, is available to employees across the Group’s businesses, whereby employees can report suspected fraud and/or activities which are considered to be transgressions of the Group’s Code of Conduct. Tip-offs training and awareness sessions are conducted periodically to promote use of the facility where necessary.


The Tip-offs service has also been extended globally to customers and suppliers of Aspen’s businesses.

All logged calls are reported to Aspen’s Group Ethics Committee for consideration. Where wrongdoing, unlawful conduct or a breach of Aspen’s policies or procedures is identified, corrective action is implemented in all instances to improve controls and to prevent recurrence of the incident.


The PDFs below provide additional information required to raise any concerns about unethical behaviour at Aspen.

Aspen Corporate HQ
Aspen Place
9 Rydall Vale Park
Douglas Saunders Drive
La Lucia Ridge
Tel: +27 31 580-8600

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Closed Period

Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform scheduled to be released on 1 March 2023.

The live presentation will take place in Cape Town at 08h30 on 2 March 2023.