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Aspen is in a closed period from 1st July 2024 until the publication of the FY2024 results on the JSE SENS platform to be released on the 3rd September 2024.

Governance & Communication

Team Overview

Governance in the Group extends beyond mere legislative and regulatory compliance. The Board and management strive to entrench an enterprise-wide culture of good governance aimed at ensuring that decisions are taken in a fair and transparent manner, within an ethical framework that promotes the responsible consideration of all stakeholders, while also holding decision-makers appropriately accountable.
The Board is the highest decision-making body for those matters that are of significance to the Group as a whole, due to their strategic, financial or reputational implications or consequences. It operates in terms of an approved Board charter, which regulates the parameters within which the Board operates and ensures the application of the principles of good corporate governance in all its dealings.

Integrity is one of Aspen’s enduring core values. This is expressed through a strong commitment by our leaders that Aspen’s business is conducted ethically and in compliance with applicable laws. Our Ethics and Compliance program is therefore designed to ensure awareness of, and accountability for, compliance with the Aspen Code of Conduct and its supporting framework of policies, an approach which applies both internally as well as with our external business partners. The programme is modelled on the guidance and expectations of applicable national regulators, as well as good practices endorsed by public international organizations such as the OECD, Transparency International and the United Nations.

Bronwyn Schroder

Group Head: Ethics & Compliance

” Everyone benefits when integrity is the golden thread that runs through business decisions.”

Working At Aspen

We believe that doing business in a sustainable and responsible manner is integral to our purpose, our values and our philosophy “Healthcare. We Care”.

Our sustainability commitments are integrated into the Group’s strategic objectives and underpin the way we do business.


Our sustainability commitments are integrated into the Group’s strategic objectives and underpin the way we do business.


We constantly search for better ways of doing things


We strive to be the best we can be to deliver the highest standards


We go the extra mile, seeking to exceed expectations


We optimise our performance by pulling together


Our integrity is not negotiable

Closed Period

Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform scheduled to be released on 1 March 2023.

The live presentation will take place in Cape Town at 08h30 on 2 March 2023.