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Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform to be released on 4 March 2024.

7 May 2023
Big Pharma and Intra Africa Trade
The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for the pharmaceutical industry in Africa, as the Big Pharma and Intra-Africa Trade gained momentum. This transformative initiative aimed to bolster intra-African trade in the pharmaceutical sector, promoting local production, access to affordable medicines, and sustainable healthcare development.

CNN Connecting Africa

Stephen Saad | Eleni Giokos

This CNN Connecting Africa interview provided a platform for thought-provoking conversations on the pharmaceutical industry’s role in driving intra-Africa trade and healthcare development. By exploring collaborative approaches, fostering innovation, and addressing regulatory challenges, Africa can unlock its immense potential in pharmaceutical manufacturing, contribute to improved healthcare outcomes, and promote economic growth across the continent.
17 - 18 April 2023
African Continental Free Trade Area Business Forum
The 2023 African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Business Forum emerged as a pivotal platform for unlocking the immense economic potential of the African continent. Gathering business leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders from across Africa, the forum focused on exploring opportunities and strategies to harness the power of the AfCFTA agreement.

 eNCA South Africa

Stavros Nicolaou | Devan Murguran

In a compelling interview on eNCA South Africa, Stavros Nicolaou and Devan Murguran engaged in an enlightening discussion. Their expert insights and thought-provoking dialogue shed light on the South African business landscape, offering viewers valuable perspectives on investment opportunities, challenges, and strategies for driving economic growth.


Stavros Nicolaou | Katlego Legodi

SABC News featured an insightful conversation between Stavros Nicolaou and Katlego Legodi. The interview delved into key economic development, investment opportunities, and healthcare topics. Their exchange provided valuable insights, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the current business landscape and the potential for growth and innovation in South Africa.

Newzroom Afrika

Stavros Nicolaou | Ntokozo Khumalo

Newzroom Afrika conducted a thought-provoking interview with Stavros Nicolaou and Ntokozo Khumalo. The discussion covered various topics, including economic trends, investment prospects, and healthcare. Nicolaou’s expertise and Khumalo’s incisive questions gave viewers valuable insights into the South African business landscape and its implications for the country’s growth and development.

SaFM: Market Update for Moneyweb

Stavros Nicolaou | Fifi Peters

SaFM’s Market Update for Moneyweb featured a dynamic discussion between Stavros Nicolaou and Fifi Peters on the African Continental Free Trade Area Business Forum. The interview provided valuable insights on the forum’s outcomes, highlighting the potential for increased trade, collaboration, and economic growth in Africa.

SABC Channel Africa: Africa in Business

Stavros Nicolaou | Lulu Gaboo

SABC’s Africa in Business featured a discussion between Stavros Nicolaou and Lulu Gaboo on investment prospects, economic patterns, and healthcare in Africa. They offered insightful angles on promoting economic progress and establishing business growth throughout the continent.

13 April 2023
South Africa Investment Conference
The 2023 South Africa Investment Conference showcased the country's commitment to attracting investment, driving sustainable development, and fostering economic growth. By presenting diverse investment opportunities, promoting investor-friendly policies, and emphasizing inclusivity, South Africa solidified its position as an attractive destination for local and international investors. The outcomes of this conference have the potential to stimulate job creation, foster innovation, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the nation.


Stavros Nicolaou | Liabo Setho, Economics Reporter

SABC News Economics Reporter Liabo Setho engaged in an insightful conversation with Aspen’s Stavros Nicolaou at the highly anticipated 2023 South Africa Investment Conference. As energy challenges took centre stage during the event, the discussion shed light on Aspen’s perspective and strategies in addressing this critical issue.


Stavros Nicolaou | Gareth Edwards

eNCA’s Gareth Edwards interviewed Stavros Nicolaou post the South Africa Investment Conference. The interview delved into various aspects of the conference, shedding light on the investment landscape in South Africa and the opportunities it presents. During the interview, Stavros Nicolaou, shared his perspectives on the investment climate in South Africa.

CNBC Africa

Stavros Nicolaou | Zanele Morrisson

CNBC’s Zanele Morrisson engaged in a compelling interview with Stavros Nicolaou at the South Africa Investment Conference, providing valuable insights into the country’s investment landscape. The interview delved into various topics, offering a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges for investment in South Africa.

SaFM: Update at Noon

Stavros Nicolaou | Sakinna Kamwendo

In a recent episode of SaFM’s “Update at Noon,” host Sakinna Kamwendo conducted an engaging interview with Stavros Nicolaou. The interview provided listeners with valuable insights into the South African economy, investment trends, and strategies for driving growth.

17 March 2023
South Africa - Tanzania Business Forum Outcomes
The 2023 South Africa - Tanzania Business Forum, held in a spirit of collaboration and mutual growth, brought together key stakeholders from both countries to explore avenues for economic cooperation and forge stronger ties. The outcomes of this highly anticipated event could shape the future of business relations between South Africa and Tanzania.
eNCA All Angles
Stavros Nicolaou | Masego Rahlaga

eNCA’s “All Angles” featured a dynamic discussion between Stavros Nicolaou and Masego Rahlaga. The conversation delved into critical issues, offering a comprehensive view of the South African business landscape. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on economic growth, investment opportunities, and the future of various industries.

17 March 2023
Aspen 2023 Interim Results
Our 2023 Interim Results cover a comprehensive overview of Aspen's financial performance and key achievements during the first half of the financial year. Investors, industry analysts, and stakeholders use these results to gain insights into the company's growth trajectory and strategic initiatives. With a reputation for innovation and a diverse portfolio of healthcare products, Aspen's interim results are expected to provide valuable insights into the company's continued success in navigating the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.
Business Day TV: News Leader
Stephen Saad | Zinathi Gquma

Stephen Saad and Zinathi Gquma had an engaging interview on Business Day TV’s News Leader segment. They discussed crucial business and economic matters, sharing valuable observations on industry patterns, investment techniques, and the financial forecast. It’s a must-watch for those seeking well-informed viewpoints on the business environment.

CNBC Africa

Stephen Saad | Tania Habimana

CNBC Africa hosted a discussion on business and economics with Stephen Saad and Tania Habimana. They talked about investment strategies, industry trends, and the African business landscape, offering valuable insights. Saad’s expertise and Habimana’s incisive questions provided clear understanding of key issues.

eNCA : South Africa Tonight

Stephen Saad | Sally Burdett

eNCA’s South Africa Tonight featured an interview with Stephen Saad and Sally Burdett on Aspen’s 2023 interim results, providing valuable insights into the company’s performance and achievements in a concise and informative manner.

Newzroom Afrika: NewsFeed

Stephen Saad | Xolani Mbanjwa

Newzroom Afrika’s NewsFeed featured Stephen Saad and Xolani Mbanjwa discussing Aspen’s 2023 interim results. The interview provided a concise overview of the company’s financial performance and future prospects, keeping viewers informed about Aspen’s latest developments.

The Nielsen Network: C-Suite

Stephen Saad | Bronwyn Nielsen

Stephen Saad and Bronwyn Nielsen discussed Aspen’s 2023 interim results on The Nielsen Network’s C-Suite. The interview offered a succinct overview of the company’s financial performance and strategic direction, providing valuable insights for viewers interested in Aspen’s progress.

The Money Show

Stephen Saad | Bruce Whitfield 

On The Money Show, Stephen Saad and Bruce Whitfield analysed Aspen’s 2023 interim results, offering concise insights into the company’s financial performance and strategic outlook to keep listeners informed and engaged.

SAFM: Market Update

Sean Capazorio | Fifi Peters 

SAFM’s Market Update covered Aspen’s 2023 interim results, with Sean Capazorio and Fifi Peters discussing the company’s financial status and future plans. The interview provided important insights for listeners.

Power 98.7: Power Business

Sean Capazorio | Jimmy Moyaha 

Aspen’s interim results for 2023 were discussed on Power 98.7’s Power Business segment by Sean Capazorio and Jimmy Moyaha, providing valuable insights into the company’s financial performance and strategic outlook.

CNBC Africa

Stephen Saad | Godfrey Mutizwa

CNBC Africa’s Captains of Industry hosted an engaging conversation between Stephen Saad and Godfrey Mutizwa. The interview provided concise insights into business trends, investment strategies, and industry outlooks, offering valuable perspectives from these influential business leaders.

18 February 2023
Aspen SED Initiatives | Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
Aspen has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility by helping those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Recognising the urgent need for medical aid, Aspen donated essential medicines, medical supplies, and equipment to local hospitals and relief organisations. These contributions played a crucial role in addressing the immediate healthcare needs of the affected communities, providing relief and support to those impacted by the earthquakes.


Stavros Nicolaou | Tumelo Mothotoane

eNCA’s interview with Stavros Nicolaou and Tumelo Mothotoane on the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey was a poignant and informative discussion. The conversation explored the impact of the earthquakes on the affected regions, humanitarian efforts, and the importance of global collaboration in providing support and aid. Nicolaou and Mothotoane’s insights shed light on the challenges faced and the steps needed to help those affected rebuild their lives and communities.

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Closed Period

Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform scheduled to be released on 1 March 2023.

The live presentation will take place in Cape Town at 08h30 on 2 March 2023.