Aspen’s vision, “To deliver value to all our stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen that provides high quality, affordable medicines and products globally”, encapsulates the Group’s inherent approach of conducting business ethically, with integrity and with a commercial wisdom which strives to enhance the economic and social well-being of its investors, employees, customers and business partners.

Supplementary Documents:

FY 2016

Stakeholder engagement report 2016


BBBEE Report 2016

PDF 485 KB

Empowerdex BBBEE Certificate 2016 


ERM Assurance Statement Aspen October 2016 

PDF 307 KB

Communication On Progress Report 2016 

 PDF 517 KB



FY 2015

 Aspen Stakeholder Report 2015

PDF 232.5 KB

Aspen BBBEE Report 2015

PDF 213.9KB

Empowerdex BBBEE Certificate 2015

PDF 471.9 KB

Empowerdex Generics Scorecard Report 2015

PDF 2.1 MB



FY 2014

Aspen BBBEE Report 2014

PDF 557.1 KB

Aspen Stakeholder Engagement Report 2014

PDF 137.0 KB

Empowerdex BBBEE Certificate 2014

PDF 451.6 KB

Aspen Group Grievance Policy Statement 2014

PDF 60.3 KB

Aspen's BBBEE Philosophy Transformation Policy 2014

PDF 55.0 KB


FY 2013

Empowerdex BBBEE Certificate 2013

PDF 429.4 KB

BBBEE Report

PDF 41.9KB

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2013

PDF 449.8 KB

FY 2012

Responsible Corporate Citizenship Philosophy 2012

PDF 328.7 KB


Aspen Group Grievance Policy Statement 2012

PDF 60.3 KB


Stakeholder Engagement Report 2012

PDF 137.3 KB

FY 2011

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2011