Stephen Saad (55)

Aspen Group Chief Executive

Qualifications: CA(SA)

Appointed: January 1999

Stephen is a founding shareholder of the Aspen Group and his responsibilities extend to include the strategic positioning and global transactions, geographic expansion and product diversification of Aspen in developed and emerging markets as a leading multinational pharmaceutical company.

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Gus Attridge (58)

Aspen Deputy Group Chief Executive

Qualifications: CA(SA)

Appointed: January 1999

Gus is a founding shareholder of the Aspen Group and is responsible for the strategic and financial well-being of the Group while also identifying and pursuing appropriate corporate opportunities and global transactions that will further benefit the Group and its stakeholders in its pursuance of global pharmaceutical leadership status.

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Sean Capazorio (54)

Aspen Group Finance Officer

Qualifications: BComm, CA(SA)

Appointed: January 1999

Sean takes responsibility for the Group’s finance portfolio across Aspen’s 60 businesses and he is also intricately involved in strategic global transactions.

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Lorraine Hill (56)

Aspen Group Operating Officer

Qualifications: BPharm

Appointed: January 1999

Lorraine is responsible for multiple operational areas of the business including regulatory affairs, quality, pharmacovigilence, new product development, manufacturing and supply chain, procurement and third party supply, negotiation and implementation of new business initiatives including global transactions, IT and Group project management.

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Samer Kassem (45)

CEO Aspen Global Incorporated

Qualifications: CMA, CFM, CBM, MBA

Appointed: May 2008

Samer joined the Group to set up the global business in Mauritius. He has since assisted in the negotiation, completion and integration of strategic acquisitions as well as establishing commercial operations in countries in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa in addition to the United States. Samer is also responsible for the Intellectual Property and supply chain of the global brands.

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Stavros Nicolaou (54)

Aspen Group Strategic Trade Executive

Qualifications: B.Pharm, FPS (SA), PhD (Medicine) Honoris Causa

Appointed: 1 January 1999

Stavros joined the Group in 1999 and initially headed up Aspen’s export business and subsequently was appointed to the position of Strategic Trade Development Executive. He was instrumental in the development and execution of Aspen’s successful ARV strategy, which has had a significant socio-economic impact on both South African society and its economy.

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Carnie van der Linde (50)

Aspen Group Commercial Head

Qualifications: BTech: Dental Technology

Appointed: May 2016

Carnie joined Aspen as Head of Pharma South Africa. In June 2017 he was promoted to Group Commercial Head and his associated responsibilities include our businesses in Europe CIS, Canada, Spanish Latin America, Brazil, Middle East North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Global Marketing and Nutritionals.

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Trevor Ziman (48)

Aspen Asia Pacific CEO

Qualifications: BComm, Dip Acc, CA(SA), CA(Aus)

Appointed: May 2001

Trevor joined the Group as a founder director of Aspen Australia in May 2001 to manage the businesses financial and commercial affairs. He has since assisted in the completion and integration of strategic acquisitions as well as establishing operations in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. In 2014 Trevor was promoted to the position of CEO and more recently he contributed toward establishing Aspen’s operations in China. This region has some 1600 employees.

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