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Ethics management and tip-offs

Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive

In a global environment characterised by turmoil and the need for organisations to continuously reinvent themselves to remain relevant, the need for engaging stakeholders with integrity remains a constant for any business hoping to be sustainable into the future. It is then no surprise that Aspen’s value of Integrity, and how it is integrated into every aspect of our business, is of the utmost importance.  Our unflinching commitment to this value ensures that our stakeholders maintain their trust in Aspen as a provider of high quality, affordable products to patients.

In support of this commitment to our stakeholders, I am very happy to announce the launch of the Group’s ethics management programme for the 2021 financial year. As in prior years, this programme is primarily intended to:

  • create a thorough awareness with our stakeholders (predominantly employees, suppliers and service providers) about our approach to ethical conduct, as well as our zero-tolerance approach to dishonest and unethical conduct;
  • maintain the ethics structures and processes that are already in place and which support businesses to conduct their day-to-day operations in a manner that is aligned to Aspen’s ethical foundations; and
  • providing employees of the Group and external stakeholders with channels to report unethical conduct or breaches of Aspen’s policies and procedures. This includes the availability of an anonymous tip-off line (managed by an external service provider) as well as the necessary assurances that all tip-offs will be treated in confidence and investigated as deemed appropriate, with no retaliatory actions taken against whistleblowers who submit bona fide tip-offs.

The Board of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited and I are fully supportive of this programme and we deem its successful implementation in the 2021 financial year as a fundamental element to the achievement of the Group’s strategic objectives in a way that demonstrates our pursuit to create shareholder value in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner.

The Board has mandated that this programme be overseen by Riaan Verster in his capacity as Group Governance Officer. Regional Ethics Officers (REOs) and Assistant REOs have been appointed to support each of the Aspen businesses by providing advice and guidance to employees on ethics-related matters, overseeing ethics compliance, receiving reports of non-compliance, and assisting the management teams of the businesses with ethics-related tasks as and when required.

A detailed list of the appointed REOs and Assistant REOs, with their contact details is available from the link below and stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the relevant REOs and Assistant REOs should they have any queries or require any assistance in respect of the ethics management programme in your business.

We thank our stakeholders for their support of this programme, in particular our employees for their continued commitment to ensuring that we uphold our value of Integrity and placing patients at the centre of our operations.

Kind regards

Stephen Saad
Aspen Group Chief Executive

October 2020

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