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Aspen Joins South Africa in Mourning Dr Sindi Van Zyl

Aspen joins the country and the medical fraternity in mourning the passing of Dr Sindi van Zyl, a dedicated and significant contributor to our country’s healthcare system.

Dr Van Zyl will always be remembered for her ongoing involvement in helping our country in fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a compassionate doctor and, an HIV clinician.

Affectionately known as ‘the People’s Doctor’, her mission was to make medicine relatable and understandable to all citizens, including Aspen’s employees, through several presentations during events such as our annual World AIDS Day Celebrations.

Aspen is also inspired by Dr Van Zyl’s legacy in response to previous pandemics and her continued efforts in helping HIV+ patients in fighting the current pandemic. We extend our deep and sincere condolences to her husband, two beautiful children and her family, and we reinforce our previous commitment in assisting the family with her medical fees.

Lala kahle Dokotela.

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