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Aspen and Wits Pharmacy School care for Johannesburg’s homeless

For over 3 years, Aspen has enjoyed a productive partnership with the Wits Pharmacy School which has led to successful initiatives that have benefited both the students who are future healthcare leaders as well as homeless, vulnerable citizens of South Africa.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a comprehensive volunteer program was established under the Wits Pharmacy INVEST initiative that aligns to the broader student volunteer program of the Wits Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Wits Pharmacy School team in partnership with Aspen undertook an initiative to provide flu vaccinations, food parcels and blankets to vulnerable citizens at shelters for the homeless at various sites in Johannesburg. Hand soap was distributed to the homeless at Trinity Clinic and Wits Pharmacy staff and students provided community education on proper hand hygiene and infection prevention during the pandemic.

“Such collaborations between Academia and industry are able to provide expanded care to these patients during this period of volunteerism of pharmaceutical care.” said Professor Yahya Choonara, Professor of Pharmaceutics – Wits University.

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