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Honouring Healthcare Heroes

Frontline workers across all disciplines of the healthcare profession are invaluable contributors to our well being. At no time has the spotlight on their role in society been more evident and acknowledged than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their profession of caring is a calling that demands commitment; unscrupulous ethical conduct; and sacrificing family, friends and personal time to care for the needs of patients.

Likewise, every Aspen employee plays a meaningful role in achieving our objective of providing healthcare products for patients in more than 150 countries.

While certain categories of healthcare professionals are frequently acknowledged, the unsung heroes of patient care are sometimes overlooked. Yet, every member of the medical profession is invaluable, and it is with this in mind that we are launching our Healthcare Heroes campaign.

It is therefore fitting that our first Healthcare Heroes tribute is to Perfusionists.  These are skilled allied health discipline professionals, who serve as a member of an open-heart surgical team and who set up and operate the heart-lung machine that helps to keep a patient alive while undergoing complex surgery.

You can contribute to this campaign by nominating a health discipline professional that can be celebrated as Aspen Healthcare Heroes.

Click here to nominate a health professional discipline for
Aspen’s Healthcare Heroes Campaign.

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