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Helping to nourish Morgan

Morgan is a beautiful little girl who turned two at the beginning of 2020 and who was diagnosed with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (“FPIES”) in October 2018.

FPIES is an immune reaction in the gastrointestinal system to one or more specific foods, commonly characterised by profuse vomiting and diarrhea. It also presents with symptoms such as dehydration, lethargy, changes in blood pressure, weight loss, body temperature fluctuations and stunted growth.

As a baby, Morgan was hospitalised for a lengthy period during which she underwent extensive tests. It was established that her gastrointestinal tract was so inflamed that the pediatric gastroenterologist believed that she had not been absorbing any nutrients from a very early age. She was eventually discharged and was placed on a limited diet of cauliflower, lamb and avocado. Morgan therefore needs substantial supplements as well as Neocate, a very expensive formula, to boost her daily nutritional requirements to help her to develop and grow as best she can given her FPIES diagnosis.

Partial funding has been provided by their medical aid in view of Morgan’s status being classified as failure to thrive. This funding has, however, been sporadic and is only valid for a very limited period. The monthly costs for her nutritional supplements amount to almost R25 000 which excludes the limited medical aid contribution. Morgan is consequently dependent on donations and fundraising and out of absolute desperation her mother Jenna approached Aspen for assistance with Morgan’s nutritional care.

In line with Aspen’s commitment to caring for those in need, a contribution was made towards the nutritional products that Morgan’s little body needs and which she doesn’t receive through her limited diet.

Jenna continues to appeal for corporate and public contributions to assist little Morgan. Click here should you wish to support Morgan with her monthly care needs or to learn more about her life story.

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