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Raising Funds for Lebensweg Stormarn

An Aspen Bad Oldesloe Initiative

In December 2017 the first in-house Christmas market took place at Aspen’s German-based Bad Oldesloe site. Due to the company’s social commitment an idea of combining this event with a fundraiser was quickly born. Numerous employees sold homemade Christmas articles, crepes and waffles at Christmas stands and donated the proceeds. The newly founded company choir performed a Christmas song medley and contributions quickly rose to 280 Euro. Aspen Bad Oldesloe appreciates the social commitment of its employees and the company rounded up the amount raised to 500 Euro.

As part of a town hall with all employees on the 13th of March 2018, Susanne Blaue, HR manager, presented a symbolic cheque to Sabine Tiedtke, honorary Chairperson of the Lebensweg Stormarn Association and Maren Börner, honorary assessor.

At the handing over, Ms. Tiedtke explained, “We want to create a hospice in Bad Oldesloe that accommodates patients of all generations who have cancer that has progressed so far that hospitalization is no longer feasible and adequate home care cannot be ensured. The hospice will be built on a spacious plot on the edge of Bad Oldesloe. In order to realize our goals, we rely on the financial support of many donors, sponsors and sponsoring members. Even the smallest donation is a great help for us and we are very thankful for Aspen’s support!“

The proposal to donate to Lebensweg (translated – path of life) Stormarn came from our staff. “We were very happy about this, because as a company, we attach great importance to support facilities that can be used, for example, to take care of children, socially marginalised and needy groups,” said Susanne Blaue.

Andrea Bretschneider, site operation manager, and Dirk Rasenack, site services manager, said, “We are humbled to have been able to make a small contribution to this great idea.”

Caption: Andrea Bretschneider (Aspen site operation manager), Maren Börner and Sabine Tiedtke from Lebensweg Stormarn together with Aspen’s Susanne Blaue (HR manager) and Dirk Rasenack (site services manager)

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