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University campaign attracts top talent

An Aspen Bad Oldesloe initiative

For some years now, Aspen Bad Oldesloe has been working closely with selected universities in northern Germany that offer pharmacy degrees.

The goal of the Fit for the Future University Marketing Campaign is to get to know pharmacy students working on their degrees and who want to start a career in the pharmaceutical industry after they graduate, since they could be valuable future employees.

As part of our university marketing activities, we chose three partner universities in Greifswald, Hamburg and Kiel. We designated a mentor to each partner university, along with Svend-Oliver Wessel from the Human Resources team, who is in close contact with the relevant professor and chair of the respective partner university.

The Aspen mentors have one thing in common: they have all graduated from these universities, they have a network at the institution and a special relationship with the locations. Andrea Bretschneider, Site Operation Manager, manages the partnership with the University of Greifswald. Dr Joana Fokuhl, Quality Control Manager, has agreed to be a mentor for the University of Hamburg, and Dr Patrick Rother, Technical Development Manager, for the University of Kiel.

To ensure a win-win mentoring program, the Professors come to visit us with selected students for a site tour following which we went to the Universities to present the manufacturing site on “Pharmacy Day.”

If students are interested, we offer those with particularly good grades the opportunity to complete a six-month internship at the Bad Oldesloe site before their final exams. An internship allows them to get to know a potential employer and gain practical experience. At the same time, we are familiarised with the students’ skills so that we can consider them for future opportunities.

“Internships are a good way to let students become acquainted with the company and to let us see what they are like. We also try to stay in touch with the students after the internship to make sure they keep Aspen in mind as an employer of choice,” said Andrea Bretschneider.

This is how we met Julia-Catharina Stoll. She completed her internship in the process assurance production (GAP) department. At the end of her internship, she hosted a very impressionable presentation to the site management team.

When a position became vacant in the GAP team, HR immediately contacted her with an offer. “I had just finished up my final exams and was very pleased to receive a call from Aspen and I immediately accepted the invitation to come in for a job interview,” said Julia-Catharina.

“Ms. Stoll is a valued new employee in our team and we knew that she would fit right in. This means that we have successfully implemented the goal of our university marketing activities,” said Svend-Oliver Wessel, Human Resources Specialist, who played a leading role in the introduction of this initiative a few years ago.

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