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Honoured for environmental change

An Aspen Philippines initiative

Aspen Philippines has long been committed to sustainable initiatives that offer long term benefits, address relevant needs and make a social impact on the communities that they serve. These actions are driven by leadership commitment and are achieved through passionate workforce involvement.

In 2017 Aspen Philippines entered the Asia CEO Awards, most specifically the CSR Company of the Year category. A motivation was required showcasing their efforts for the past calendar year, and, as they have engaged in numerous projects since January, there was no shortage of activities to share with the adjudicators.

The team in the Philippines has focused extensively on preserving the environment and a natural fit was their participation in World Environment Day 2017 where they pledged to plant 1500 indigenous trees during the year to foster environmental sustainability and become advocates of change.

Ace Itchon, Aspen Philippines President & CEO said, “Our commitment is about mobilizing the whole organization to get extraordinary things done and to connect people with nature. We have demonstrated a series of practices and commitments which significantly contribute to sustainable environmental action. We have already planted over 800 trees with the balance due for completion during our year-end corporate team building activity in December 2017.”

The team has also made some unique environmental pledges that include:
” Each Aspen employee pledging to plant 10 trees per year;
” 100 trees pledged for every Aspen baby born;
” Intermittent tree planting reforestation by the senior leadership team and staff; and
” Tree Planting for a Cause – a sustainable program that has become part of their annual Mandela Day initiative.

In recognition of their efforts, Aspen Philippines was listed as one of 50 nominees for the Asia CEO Award. At the glittering awards banquet hosted on 17 October at the Marriott Hotel in Newport City, Pasay, Aspen was announced as one of the top 10 finalists in the CSR Company of the Year category.

“It was such an honour to be recognized for our initiatives and to be ranked ahead of many leading multinational companies,” said Ms Itchon. “Although we didn’t win the top award, our efforts are making a significant environmental impact which endorses our winning strategy and contributes toward our goal of connecting people with nature and being catalysts for environmental change.”

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