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Caring for the environment

An Aspen Colombia initiative

The team in Colombia is acutely aware that the planet needs to be cared for and that respect for the environment must be a commitment made by all.

As such, their business engagement includes a pillar based on environmental care. Under the leadership of the Human Resources team, a strategy was designed to prevent, control and mitigate environmental impacts generated by the consumption of resources.

As a starting point a carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions measurement was generated for the consumption of resources in offices such as water, energy and paper; in transport and in the production of waste. With this baseline, activities were implemented to mitigate this impact.

Some of the actions that have been taken include:

  • Planting trees on the slopes of the Bogotá River;
  • Collection of paper and recycling material which is donated to a social project called “My Paper” led by children of “Biblioseo Foundation” from a socially disadvantaged area of Bogotá who, with these resources, plant trees to reforest the surrounding area of the community;
  • Glasses were provided to employees to reduce the use of plastic cups in the consumption of coffee and water; and
  • The separation of recyclable and organic materials was promoted in all offices.

By implementing these small changes, we will be contributing toward environmental conservation and we encourage our colleagues in the Group do to likewise.

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