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Caring for the elderly

An Aspen Asia initiative

We value citizens of all ages in our communities, from the very young to the very senior. Single, elderly pensioners living in less-privileged environments often find themselves isolated, excluded and sometimes helpless depending on their health. Some of them even suffer from preliminary memory loss or cognitive limitations, pending admission to government nursing homes or seniors’ frail care facilities.

With the assistance of the Eastern District Elderly Community Division of The Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE), Aspen Asia’s team participated in a charity activity in January 2016 to pay home visits to six elderly tenants living alone in old buildings and to show them the care that they deserve.

With two or three volunteers in a group, the visitors brought some energy to the elderly. The team chatted with the lonely folk and gave them a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with others while feeling respected and understood. A fortune bag containing daily commodities and healthy snacks was presented to each elderly tenant at the end of the visit.

The team’s presence brightened their day and at the same time, the team valued the opportunity to bring joy to others, especially those in need.

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