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AspenKids receive and give back

An Aspen Ecuador initiative

Learning for Life has become a special annual event when employees welcome their spouse and children to our offices so that they can share their working environment and information about the Group with them.

During September 2016, events were hosted in Guayaquil and in Quito. Loved ones enjoyed a tour of the corporate facilities and went to the office where their family member is based during a working day.

The visitors then participated in a presentation about Aspen, which exposed the children to the company and encouraged them to one day seek employment within the Group.

In order to expose them to the corporate world, the young guests also took part in a simulated employment interview and selection process. They had great fun preparing a resumé and being interviewed for a position at Aspen. The excitement mounted when their resumés were stamped with a ‘hired’ seal and they received their AspenKids apron.

There was specific intent with this hiring process – not only to expose them to what they could expect in the future, but also for them to act as young Aspen ambassadors and to dedicate the remainder of their morning to children with special needs from a local non-profit shelter.

Part of the fun naturally included ice-cream – but not just any ice cream – this was extra special because it was made from Progress Gold. After spending time with the children from the shelter, the AspenKids were given a fabulous treat and were taken to the movies.

The event motivated the children to become more aware of their professional career, and also to have a greater appreciation for their privileges as opposed to those who are less fortunate. Many of the AspenKids expressed an interest to become more involved with the children’s shelter and some even encouraged their parents to adopt a sibling!

Medical Manager, Dr. Isabel Espinosa Cueva expressed her gratitude for the wonderful experience that she and her family had at Aspenkids. Speaking of the outreach initiative to the shelter, she said, “I especially loved that we had the chance to spend time and share our love with those little ones who need it so much.”

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