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Aspen Participation in PHEF

An Aspen Pharmacare initiative

In early 2013 the Public Health Enhancement Fund (PHEF) was established after interaction between 23 private healthcare companies and the South African Minister of Health.

The discussion that preceded the formation of the PHEF was centered around the areas of agreement between the private and public sectors and how these sectors can work together in strengthening the public healthcare sector and its human resourcing. Aspen is an active member of this initiative and Stavros Nicolaou is the Chairman of the PHEF Board.

At the time, the PHEF focused on three joint initiatives with the South African Department of Health, all of which are set to make a meaningful and fundamental difference to the country’s public healthcare services. These initiatives include:
” Sponsoring 75 medical students from rural based communities for their four years of study. Each of these students have commitment to return to their rural settings once they qualify as a Doctor;
” The sponsorship of 54 Masters and PHD students who are undergoing research in the fields of HIV, AIDS and TB, thereby increasing South Africa’s research capacity and capabilities; and
” Contribution towards the establishment of the Health Leadership Academy, recently established by the Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, which will improve the skills of Public Sector Hospital CEO’s and build further management capacity in the public healthcare sector.

Since its establishment, Aspen has remained committed to PHEF and its initiatives.

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