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Aspen 3rd in FM 2006 Top Companies

top companies

Aspen was ranked third in the June 2006 Financial Mail Top Companies survey. Companies are ranked based on consistent performance for five years.
Aspen wasn’t on the radar screen a few years ago; now it’s in third position and has a market capitalization in excess of R14 billion.

Aspen’s share delivered a highly credible 112% rise in a one year period, returning real value to shareholders.Aspen is a salutary reminder that aspirant blue-chip companies don’t necessarily need a long track record.

CEO Stephen Saad led the acquisition of SA Druggists for R2.4 billion in 1999, and confounded the skeptics by paying off a R1 billion debt within five years. Now Aspen supplies 25% of the tablets or capsules in South Africa’s public health-care system. Extracts Financial Mail June 2006.

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