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Aspen Corporate Profile

  • Aspen has businesses in Australia, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and a start-up operation in the United States, and exports to many other territories across the globe.

  • Aspen has entered into an agreement to acquire a 50% shareholding in Strides Latina which provides for a Latin American presence in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.

  • Aspen is Africa's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and a major supplier of branded and generic pharmaceutical, healthcare and nutritional products to the southern African and selected international markets.

  • Aspen is the largest generics manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. Aspen is also the leading supplier of generic medicines to both the private and the public sectors in South Africa.

  • Aspen is one of the top twenty generic manufacturers worldwide and South Africa’s number one generic brand.

  • IMS ranks Aspen as South Africa’s largest pharmaceutical company in the private sector.

  • Aspen has nine pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities on five pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. Four of the sites are located in South Africa and one in India. The deal in Latin America will add two manufacturing sites in Brazil and one in Mexico.

  • Aspen has FDA, WHO, MCC, TGA, MHRA and PMDA accredited manufacturing facilities.

  • Aspen produces a vast range of products including tablets, capsules, liquids and creams.

  • Aspen is one of the leading global players in generic anti-retrovirals (ARVs).

  • Aspen products are renowned for their quality, efficacy and affordability. The Group's extensive basket includes branded, generic, over-the-counter (OTC), fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), personal care, nutritional and nutriceutical products.

  • Aspen produces approximately six billion tablets and capsules per annum.

  • Aspen has an outstanding generic pipeline. These products are developed under the direction of highly skilled scientists employed by Aspen and in collaboration with other global pharmaceutical companies and research facilities.

  • Aspen Australia Pty Ltd is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in that market, generating more prescriptions than many of the major multinationals.

  • Aspen Australia was nominated as the Outstanding Pharmaceutical Company of 2007 by a panel of general practitioners.

  • Aspen is listed on JSE Ltd.

Firsts for Aspen

  • Aspen was the world's first pharmaceutical company to pioneer the manufacture and development of generic anti-retrovirals (ARVs) in South Africa.

  • Aspen is the world's first generics producer to receive FDA approval for the manufacture of selected generic ARVs containing Lamivudine/Zidovudine and Nevirapine for the treatment of HIV/Aids.

  • Aspen is the world's first pharmaceutical manufacturer to be granted voluntary generic ARV licenses from leading multinationals.

  • The Clinton Foundation chose Aspen as the first southern hemisphere company to manufacture generic ARVs for their program.

Why you should choose an Aspen generic?
Is the cost of medicine making you ill? Well, there is an effective, affordable, quality solution to your medication woes. Choose the generics that most South Africans use, choose Aspen generics.

What are generic medicines?
Generic medicines are exactly the same as innovator (original) medicines but they are much more affordable. Generics contain the same active ingredient as original medicines, they are identical in strength or concentration, dosage form and route of administration and they meet the same or comparable quality standards as original medicines.

Why are generics more affordable?
It takes years of research and development to manufacture and market original medicines. There are huge costs associated with this, and in return, the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s original medicine is protected with a patent period of 15 to 20 years. Once the patent expires, the medicine can be made by a third party at a fraction of the cost because there are no research and development costs involved. In some cases generics can save you up to 50% on prescription charges, which helps you to stretch your medical aid budget further.

Are generics safe and effective?
Generic medicines are subject to the same strict controls as original medicines which make them equally effective and safe. In fact, original and generic medicines are sometimes made by the same company. They work in the same way in the body and they are associated with the same benefits as original medicines.

Who monitors the safety, quality and efficacy of generics?
All medicines, including generics, are registered by the South African Medicines Control Council (MCC). The registration number appearing on the packaging confirms that the medicine has been thoroughly tested for safety, quality and efficacy and that it can be used with peace of mind. The MCC employs a team of expert doctors and pharmacist who check the product to ensure that it complies with defined standards.

How does a generic differ from an original medicine?
While a generic has the same key clinical characteristics as the original medicine, it can differ in the following ways:

  • Shape, colour or flavour
  • Inactive ingredients
  • Packaging and pack size
  • Cost

Why most South Africans choose Aspen generics
Aspen pioneered generics in South Africa and has been providing them to the market for generation after generation. Aspen’s unquestionable credibility of manufacturing quality, affordable, effective medicines has resulted in the company remaining the largest generics manufacturer on the African continent and being statistically proven to be the number one generics brand in Africa. In fact, more South Africans ask for an Aspen generic than any other brand, which gives you the assurance that when you choose an Aspen generic, you’re choosing the best there is.

Do I have the right to choose an Aspen generic?
Legislation was passed in May 2003 under the Medicines and Related Substances Act (90/95 as amended) providing for mandatory generic substitution. This means that if you receive a prescription for medicine, you have the right to ask your pharmacist to substitute it with an Aspen generic. In addition, generic substitution helps you to relieve some of the pressure which your medical aid will be placing on you to better manage your medication benefits. So, it makes sense that you choose an Aspen generic and save substantially on your medicine bills.

Does Aspen have a generic for my ailment?
Aspen has an extensive basket of generics covering a broad range of categories, including:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Analgesics (for pain relief)
  • Anti-hypertensives (for high blood pressure)
  • Bronchodilators (for the treatment of asthma)
  • Anti-bacterials (to treat bacterial infections)
  • Anti-gout agents
  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Anti-fungal agents
  • Anti-histamines (for the treatment of allergies)
  • Decongestants
  • Gastro-intestinal agents
  • Dermatologicals

Aspen’s commitment to quality
Aspen generics are manufactured in facilities that comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Aspen’s scientific knowledge and capability consistently ensures that each generic produced strictly complies with the standards of the MCC. All raw materials, packaging materials and finished products are also tested according to stringent specifications before they are released, and stability tests are conducted by Aspen’s team of highly qualified scientists on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the product’s stated shelf-life.

About Aspen’s research and development
A team of dedicated pharmaceutical experts develop Aspen’s generic product formulations. The development process includes finalization of a product formula, manufacturing process, finished product testing and all other testing required to ensure that the generic is equivalent to the original product.

What other products do Aspen manufacture?
Aspen, which is listed on the JSE securities exchange, is acknowledged as Africa’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. In addition to generic medicines, Aspen manufactures an extensive basket of products covering the ethical (original), self-medication or over the counter (OTC), branded, nutriceutical, personal care and nutritional sectors of the healthcare market.

Who can I speak to about Aspen generics and other medicines?
Aspen has a medical department comprised of pharmaceutical experts to assist you with any queries that you may have about medicines. If you need advice or assistance, please call Aspen’s toll free hotline number on 0800 112 912.

So, when next you need medicine, don’t accept any generic - choose the affordable benefits of effective, quality generics and make the choice that most South Africans make – choose an Aspen generic.

For further information and advice please contact Aspen as follows:
Tel: +27 11 239-3400
Fax: +27 11 230 3438
Consumer Hotline Number: 0800 022 912