South Africa

The South African business provides a diverse basket of branded, generic, OTC, consumer health and infant nutritional products which are supplied to pharmacies, retail pharmacy chains, hospitals, clinics, prescribing specialists, dispensing general practitioners, managed healthcare funders and retail stores across the private and public sectors in South Africa.


South Africa

Key business units

Key countries supplied to in this region

• Botswana • Lesotho • Namibia • South Africa • Swaziland

• In September 2015, the South African subsidiary of Norgine BV was acquired as part of Aspen’s commercial strategy to increase its focus on therapeutic areas that present the highest growth opportunities to the Group.

• Aspen disposed of a product portfolio to Litha for R1,7 billion as part of its strategic intent to reduce complexity and focus attention in areas where most value can be added. The transition of these products to Litha has been managed effectively with minimal disruption to the remaining business.

• Tribuss has maintained its position as the largest product by value in the private pharmaceutical sector.

• Nutritionals revenue continued its double-digit growth and reflected a profit improvement due to the strong execution of targeted initiatives during the year. Aspen also launched the first box format for S-26 Classic and a Ready-to-Drink (UHT) format for S-26 Gold in the 2016 financial year.

• Aspen was awarded 32,4% value share of the oral solid dosage tender with key products including Pharmapress, Ridaq Phenytoin Sodium and Degranol. The tender is for a two-year period and represents a notable increase from the 26,7% value share held previously.

• The South African private pharmaceutical sector was valued at R35,5 billion by IMS as at 30 June 2016.

• Aspen is ranked as the number one pharmaceutical company in the private sector, as measured by IMS, with a 14,5% share.

• About one in every five scripts dispensed by South African pharmacists is for an Aspen product, as recorded by ImpactRx.

• In the private sector, five out of the top 20 products by value, as measured by IMS for the year ended 30 June 2016, was an Aspen product.

• Three out of the top five generic products supplied in the private sector were Aspen products.

• In November 2015, Aspen was awarded the “Fastest Growing Distribution Supplier” from UPD for the third consecutive year.

• Aspen was recognised as one of the top 100 South African exporters for the first time.

Contribution to Group
comparable gross revenue

Contribution to Group
comparable EBITA

Number of products launched from pipeline:

11 (2015: 9)

IMS value of pipeline as at 30 June 2016 anticipated to be launched in:

0 – 2 years
USD0,21 billion
3 – 5 years
USD0,18 billion

Number of permanent employees:

3 882 (2015: 3 634)

Average staff turnover:

9% (2015: 10%)

Number of product recalls:

4 (2015: 4)

Number of work-related fatalities:

Nil (2015: Nil)

Carbon emissions:

Scope 1:
6 838 tCO2e
(2015: 4 672 tCO2e)

Scope 2:
106 763 tCO2e
(2015: 95 452 tCO2e)