Business Unit’s & JV’s

Aspen in South Africa is composed of two primary business units, namely Aspen Sales and Marketing – which includes Aspen Pharmacare and Aspen Nutritionals; and Aspen Operations (click through to the manufacturing expertise section).


This business unit includes the Pharmaceutical division and the Consumer division. The South African business provides a diverse basket of branded, generic OTC, consumer and infant nutritional products which are supplied to pharmacies, retail pharmacy chains, hospitals, clinics, prescribing specialists, dispensing general practitioners, managed healthcare funders and retail stores across the private and public sectors in South Africa.

Aspen’s manufacturing centre is based in South Africa and facilities in Port Elizabeth and East London produce a high volume of tablets and capsules as well as liquids, semi-solids, eye drops, lyophilised vials and sterile injectables. Infant milk formulas and a portfolio of specialist APIs are manufactured at the facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively.

Retaining a strong market share
IMS shows that Aspen has remained the leading company in the private pharmaceutical market in South Africa, a position it has held since April 2007. Aspen had a 16% share of the total pharmaceutical market and 31% share of the generics sector in South Africa as at 30 June 2012. At that date the pharmaceutical market was valued at R26,5 billion (IMS).

Unsurpassed generic leadership
Generic pharmaceutical leadership and the Aspen brand are intrinsically interwoven. In June 2012, EvaluatePharma World Preview ranked Aspen as the 9th largest generic company in the world. Aspen remains the largest producer of generic medicines in Africa and is ranked as South Africa’s largest generics manufacturer by IMS.
A remedy for every ailment
Aspen’s product ranges cover a number of therapeutic categories. These include inter alia anaesthetics, analgesics, ARVs, blood and haemopoetic, cardio vascular system, central nervous system ear, nose and throat, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract, infant milk formulations, musculo-skeletal agents, NS aids, oncology, oral hygiene, respiratory system and urinary tract system.

Aspen leads the generic ARVs market
Since Aspen launched Africa’s first generic ARV in August 2004, namely Aspen Stavudine, this portfolio has grown extensively. Aspen is acknowledged as the largest manufacture of generic ARVs in the southern hemisphere. Aspen was awarded 21% the South African Health Department’s ARV tender in December 2012 and won a 25% share of its R2,5 billion OSD tender in August 2012. Aspen’s ARVs are used by more than 1,2 million HIV/Aids patients in South Africa.

Aspen’s Injectables
Aspen has a vast range of high quality, cost effective injectable anti-infectives which continue to outperform the market. Branded as the “Powerhouse of Injectables” the range includes 1st to 3rd generation Cephalosporins and includes a variety of other injectable antibiotics.

Aspen’s OTC Ranked Tops
Initiatives to accelerate momentum in this area of the business have focused on new product launches, investment in the OTC product pipeline and the improved alignment of sales team. New products launched during 2012 include Flora Balance, a probiotic and Calci-dence, a calcium supplement. The acquisition of OTC brands from GSK further support the pursuit of growth objectives in this product class.

Recognition of Aspen Managed Healthcare
The 2012 Campbell Belman Confidence Predictor Survey ranked Aspen as the number one pharmaceutical company as voted for by managed healthcare providers and number two among managed healthcare funders at 30 June 2012.

Consumer Division
The Consumer Division comprises an extensive range of products categorised in the self-medication, personal care and nutritional sectors of the market.

The largest range of products are the infant nutritional formulations. The 150-year old heritage Lennon Dutch Medicines range is also a strong brand which has more than 35 line items and remains a proven favourite for the treatment of minor ailments.