Aspen’s 2015 Mandela Day Activities

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In 2015 the Aspen Group  again demonstrated its commitment to Mandela International Day (Mandela Day) and took up the challenge issued by Former South African President Nelson Mandela to “take action, inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day“. This year business units from 36 countries initiated 64 projects across 6 continents for more than 50 000 beneficiaries.

Given the geographic location of Aspen’s business units, Mandela Day activities began as early as April 2015 and will extend beyond the traditional celebratory date of 18 July with some, particularly Acts of Random Kindness (ARK), being ongoing.

Aspen’s 2015 Mandela Day activities will be updated periodically in line with Group activity submissions.

To view Aspen’s 2015 Mandela Day flipbook click here, or

For more information, and slideshows about Aspen’s regional activities, please click on the maps below and allow plenty of time for the content to load:

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Aspen Nutrititionals
Aspen Belgium
Aspen Bad Oldesloe
Aspen Global
Aspen Europe CIS – Germany
Aspen Greece
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Aspen Australia
Aspen Europe CIS – Poland
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Aspen Taiwan
Aspen Pharmacare
Fine Chemicals Corporation
Aspen Group Operations – Port Elizabeth
Aspen Ireland
Aspen Healthcare
Aspen Oss
Aspen Notre Dame de Bondeville
Aspen Group Operations – East London
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Shelys Pharmaceuticals
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